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Coating, Plating and Painting are typical processes to apply a thin layer of covering to the surface of an object, a.k.a. substrate, in order to improve or change surface properties such as appearance, adhesion, wetability, solderability, smoothness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, radiation shielding, and alter conductivity.

Coating is a more general term of surface treatment by covering. Common coating processes include Chemical vapor deposition, Physical vapor deposition, Chemical and electrochemical techniques such as Anodizing and Plasma electrolytic oxidation, Spraying, Optical coating, and Roll-to-roll coatings. Painting is usually limited to spraying or brush-on coating for appearance or corrosion resistance. But it is sometimes interchanged with coating loosely.
Plating is more specific on employing the conductivity to fuse a thin film of metal covering on the substrate. The covering material of plating can be Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Chrome, Zinc, Tin, Cadmium, Nickel, and other Metal Alloys such as Tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, chromium carbide, and aluminum oxide. The substrates are usually metals but they can also be plastics or ceramics. Common plating processes include Electroplating: more common, an ionic metal is supplied with electrons to form a non-ionic coating on a substrate and Electroless plating: plating without the use of external electrical power.

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5 Axis Machining China Company
  5 axis milling china 5 axis machining china 5 axis machining services 5 axis machined parts 5 axis machining companies 5 axis machining cnc 5 axis...
Anping Jintai Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd
welded wire mesh ,wire mesh fence ,Chain link fence ,gabion box ,Filed fence
Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
6-axis, High Speed Painting Robots with Paint Mixing & Dosing Systems and Controls for Easy Programming & Diagnostics.,Paint Shop Engineering, Automation & Consultancy.
Ashmore Signs - Gold Coast Signage, Signwriting, Digital Printing
Brass Components Electrical Components
Brass Components Electrical components Brass Anchors Brass fasteners Brass Nuts Brass Bolts
Conex Copper
Dino-power airless paint sprayer co.,ltd
1 electric airless paint sprayers (a) piston pump kit (b) diaphragm pump kit 2 pneumatic airless pump & HONDA Gas engine powered 3 Airless paint spray...
DP Air Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd
air compressors ,air tools ,pneumatic tools ,air nailer ,spray guns
Fit Precision Mold Co., Ltd.
Tool/Mold Design ( CAD,CAM,CAE equipped )  Prototype Making (Silicon Soft Tooling, CNC Operation, Aluminum Tooling) Plastic Injection Molding (Including Insert /Stack Mold,...
Our Capabilities Include: Product design Prototyping by CNC or 3D printing DFM&Mold Flow Analysis Full 2D&3D Mold Design according Approved DFM Injection ...
Our Capabilities Include: Product design Prototyping by CNC or 3D printing DFM&Mold Flow Analysis Full 2D&3D Mold Design according Approved DFM Injection ...
Hebei Bolong mesh products Co.,Ltd
Crimped wire mesh products are used as fence or filters in a lot of industries; heavy duty crimped wire mesh products are mostly used as screen in mining, coal factory, construction and other...
Henan Tigers Industry Co., Ltd
Tigers Industry is a professional manufacturer for mill finish aluminum sheet and color coated aluminium coil / sheet /plate and new series of aluminum cladding panels. Alloy 1050,...
P-Ker Engineering
Ceramic insulators, metal-ceramic assemblies, metal-ceramic seals, custom porous ceramics for chemical and medical applicataions.  Development and testing of all of the above
Pyramids Technology Corporation
Plastics Injection Molding ,Die casting ,Stamping ,Al Extrusion ,CNC machine parts ,Assembly , 
Rapid Prototype China Factory
prototype china rapid prototype china china prototype china rapid prototype cnc prototype china china prototype manufacturing rapid prototyping services ...
SCS Steel Surface Treatment
SCS surface treatment is environmentally friendly, using only ordinary water, which is even filtered and recirculated during the process. Compare that with acid pickling, which uses vats of...
Shot Blast Inc
Steel Shot Blasting, Diamond Grinding, Scarification, Concrete Polishing, Floor Coating, Glosscrete
We are leading manufacturers and exporters of spring wires in rolls or cut length, made of carbon steel, black iron and stainless steel. SINORAY has been in the market for...
Smeite Decorative Wire Mesh Factory
We mainly supply Facade Decorative Mesh, Decorative Mesh for Ceilings, Woven Wire Cloth Drapery, Architectural Wire Mesh For Decoration, Honeycomb Decoration Mesh, Metal Mesh Curtain and related...
Southland Pipe & Supply Co
Foundation Piling, Bridge Piling, Pier Piling, Road Bore Casing, Pipe Bollards
Thermal Spray Coatings - A&A Coatings
Plasma Spray Coatings, HVOF Coating, Metalizing, PTA Hardfacing, Spray & Fuse Hardfacing, Cold Spray, Undercut (pre-machining), Finishing Services, Roll Grinding
Uidea Rapid Prototype China Co., Ltd.
SLA, china rapid prototyping company, vacuum casting, cnc machining prototype, reaction injection molding, plastic extrusion, aluminium extrusion, sheet metal fabrication, rapid tooling, rapid...
ulovalve co.,ltd.china
ball valve,gate valve,alloy ball valve,alloy gate valve
Zhejiang Yongkang Niceland Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd.
Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting, Punching & Stamping Parts, Stainless Steel Parts, Machined Hardware Parts, Moulds Making, Assembly, Value-Added Operations.