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Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Gear Grinding, Hobbing, Shaping, and Shaving (17 Companies)
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A gear is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, or cogs, which mesh with another toothed part in order to transmit torque. A gear can mesh a non-rotating toothed part, called a rack, thereby producing translation instead of rotation. However, gears hardly ever work alone. Two or more gears working in tandem are called a transmission and can produce a mechanical advantage through a gear ratio. Geared devices can change the speed, magnitude, and direction of a power source.

The majority of gears are composed of carbon and low-alloy steels, including carburised steels. Among the carburised steels used in gears are 1018, 1524, 4026, 4118, 4320, 4620, 4820, 8620 and 9310. Typical gear manufacturing processes include gear forming, cutting, and finishing. Gear forming processes include Plastic Injection Molding, Powder Metal Sintering, Forging, Casting, Roll-Forming. Gear cutting processes include Broaching, Hobbing, Shaping, Lapping, Milling. Gear finishing processes include Grinding, Honing, Shaving.

 17 companies matched 
1 Brass Turned Parts Uk ltd
makers of Brass turned parts with offices in UK
Agnee Transmissions (I) Pvt Ltd
Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
forging hammer, forging tools, ring rolling machine, metal scrap baling press, hydraulic riveting machine etc
HOME PROFILE PRODUCTS Anchors drop in Anchors Fasteners Brass Anchors Brass Anchor Fasteners M6 Anchors Brass Slotted Drop in Anchors 6mm Anchor Fasteners M8 Brass...
Capital Tool Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of Milling cutters,single,side and face,concave and convex,metal slitting saws,Gear Hobs,Gear Shaper cutters and Shaving Cutters,End Mills,Reamers,Spline Broaches,Spline...
Creator Forging Casting Stamping Company
Creator Forging Casting Stamping Company is specialized in forging services, offers all sorts of forged parts. These forged metal parts can be applied for agriculural field, mining field,...
Diamond Blade Dealer
Dongguan PTJ (MINGHE) Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
In addition, cnc machining services factory shop understands that customers often have long development cycles due to manufacturing problems during product development, and the quality is very...
Fairlane Gear Inc.
Our expertise encompasses the precise manufacture of gears, splines, sprockets and various machine parts. Gear grinding, Gear cutting, Gear shaving, Gear inspection, Prototyping, CNC...
Hebei Secure-Net Fence Facility Fence Co.,Ltd
1.Whole wire mesh fence products line ,2.Whole wire mesh fence welding machine  line ,3.Wire mesh fence painting line. ,4.Color steel roofing producing line.
Horsburgh & Scott Co
Kefid(ShangHai) Machinery Co.,Ltd
Kefid are trying best to provide customers with crushing,screening and grinding solution,trying best to maximize customers' profit!
Klarm CNC Machining China Company
Precision Machining Parts from China ,China Precision Machined Components Precision Machining China Company ,China Machined Parts Manufacturer ,CNC Machining Services China
Klarm Rapid Prototyping China Company
rapid prototyping manufacturer China ,rapid prototyping China ,rapid prototype China ,prototype machine shop in china ,rapid prototyping services China
Supertec CNC Cylindrical Grinder Inc.
01.CNC Cylindrical Grinder 02. Cylindrical Grinder 03. Grinding Machine 04. Surface Grinder 05. Centerless Grinder
Supertec Machinery Incorporated.
01. CNC Cylindrical Grinder ,02. Cylindrical Grinder ,03. Grinding Machine ,04. Surface Grinder ,05. Centerless Grinder
United Tool Company
Gear Hob, Gear Cutter, Involute Gear Cutter, hob cutter, Milling Cutter, Module Cutter, DP Cutter, CP Cutter, Gear Cutting Tools, Spline Hob, Worm Gear Hob, Sprocket Hob, Involute Gear Hob, Serration...