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Message No. 1102, Started by jrm on 04/10/00

I am looking for some solutions to designing desks and tables for office furniture.  Perhaps you may know of a suitable reference book or CAD related software to try or maybe the answer lies in a simple formula that can be done with pen/paper and a calculator?

Basically, what I need to know is the various loads on a desk/table legs if the desk-top is an odd shape or if extra or fewer legs are add/subtracted.

Example 1,    A kidney shape table top may have 4 legs and depending where the legs are, how do I work out the forces on each leg? Suppose we take one leg away and re-arrange the legs (not necessarily equally spaced) what is the individual load on each leg?

Example 2,    A rectangular desk-top may require 3 legs instead of 4. Two of the legs are equi-distant appart but the third is not in the middle but slightly to one side.  Again, what are the loadings of each leg?

All of the above become more important when the table/desk is to be adjustable in height either by winding up, hydraulic or electrically actuated.  I can work out the center of area/gravity (centroid) of the desk top and the mass etc. but I am stuck on the individual loadings.

I hope you can help with your vast resources.

Many thanks,
J Murray
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