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Message No. 1162, Started by hocm on 04/12/00
I faced one problem on the print out where the characters  printed from the printer are too small to read.  I am refering to the contents ! Please help to solve this problem.
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Hello hocm, We have tried to print our pages from IE5 and Netscape4 with...
No. 1272, Posted by dr funda on 04/19/00, 09:54 PST.
I should have giving more information on the problem. Firstly, I wanted to ...
No. 1269, Posted by hocm on 04/19/00, 00:12 PST.
what printer you use and what was the content you were trying to print (wor...
No. 1186, Posted by anna111 on 04/13/00, 23:21 PST.