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Message No. 11733, Started by ddelaiar on 07/28/03
I think I may be in the worst of predicaments.  I'm about 2 years out of school with about 2 years of experience prior to my finish of schooling.  So, when the dust settles, I have the equivalent of 3 years of mechanical design experience and 1 year of energy conservation engineering experience.

I love design engineering, but can't seem to find my groove.  I'm currently working in the medical arena doing design work, but I'm more of a CAD jockey than anything else - "Dan, we need a print for this."  "Dan, can you draw this for me."  Stuff like that.  I get treated like I'm mentally incompentent when I don't know something abotu the company or our business (because I was never trained about what we actually do).  The medical business is boring anyways.  Having a company that has no where for me to go either vertically or laterally doesn't help either.  What I'm really looking for is a machine design company to hire me and just take me under their wing.  I want to learn.  

Some people just don't get that sometimes.  I really love what I do - design work - but I want to work for a company that both appreciates that and encourages my need/want to learn and grow.  Unfortunately, due to family commitments, I have to stay on Long Island - not exactly the hot bed of design engineering.

Arrrrghhhh, I just needed to vent.  Anyone have any good suggestions?
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