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Message No. 14151, Started by Plastix on 06/22/04
Morning all,

VDI, as in "VDI spark finish".  What does the VDI stand for?  Is it German, and if so, what does it translate as?

Any sites you know of with VDI information would also be appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Follow-up Messages (3)
Morning, If you interest about German full form, it is Verein Deutscher In...
No. 26737, Posted by goodlife67 on 08/02/22, 12:59 PST.
hi.... VDI stands for "Verband Deutscher Ingenieure"(german) - The assoc...
No. 14177, Posted by raj_123 on 06/25/04, 14:06 PST.
VDI is German for "The Association of Engineers" which is one of the oldest...
No. 14157, Posted by mbeychok on 06/22/04, 09:00 PST.