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Message No. 17514, Started by nithi on 04/21/06


I am doing a project in fixing a tool profile which wighs 3 grams,investment casting is the best but when i aproached the companies they say its hard to make and also will cost high?is this true.can I make.kindly help me

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You can get the answer from this article
No. 26967, Posted by Krystalalmer on 11/14/22, 05:31 PST.
Hi Nidhi I have read your message.I want to comfirm about physical dimansio...
No. 17608, Posted by machpharma on 05/12/06, 10:02 PST.
You have not provided enough information. The geometry is going to dictate ...
No. 17517, Posted by rorschach on 04/21/06, 12:27 PST.