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Message No. 18429, Started by desmond4m4m on 02/07/07

Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to fight off anxiety and depression after you thought that you had it taken care of. Is it normal to find it hard to find time to really use the lessons like you did when you first started? I don’t want this uneasiness again.

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I was once advised to see a psychologist, but he put me in a state of sever...
No. 26944, Posted by CriahTison on 10/25/22, 11:10 PST.
Many people write about cannabis. If you are already taking other medicatio...
No. 26920, Posted by AmandaPatersonhF7 on 10/17/22, 22:38 PST.
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No. 26622, Posted by antonfrau on 05/17/22, 13:13 PST.
Bro, I don`t think that anyhting on this planet is worth than your nerves. ...
No. 23374, Posted by IsDeadBrain on 05/24/19, 07:42 PST.
Yea, I had the same feeling... Still no good pills from anxiety
No. 23366, Posted by tony228 on 05/23/19, 07:20 PST.
desmond,See my reply to "Why am I always stressed"
No. 18443, Posted by kdwhite on 02/09/07, 14:24 PST.
Definately, exercise should wipe out depression and anxiety. That one works...
No. 18440, Posted by booster on 02/08/07, 22:47 PST.
Hi, those sound like classic anxiety/panic symptoms - reminds me so much of...
No. 18433, Posted by jaylon9n9n on 02/08/07, 03:55 PST.