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Message No. 18792, Started by booster on 05/23/07


Just wanted to share this intesting set of photo's.

Firstly, i know some of you have made up your minds about this sort of thing, and wont look for more than one tenth of a second before claiming its a fake.

Secondly, i know some of you would like to comment but feel your reputation may be at stake and won't state what you realy want to say. Thats ok, go hang out with the first group of sheeple.

 Thirdly, some of you are open to many possibillities, and thats probably a great asset that makes you an innovative engineer. 

I mainly want to hear from the 3rd group.

Are any of you good with photoshop or photography enough that you can spot flaws in this hoax attempt.

Can anyone tell if maybe some model maker is having fun with a hoax here.

Or, if this realy is an other worldly probe, what can you deduce about this design that might tell you things about its purpose, or propulsion system. 

For instance, have you ever seen a paint or texture similar to this?  Can you see that the appendages can index around the ring at various configurations.  Why would that be.  Why the current configuration.  Why the curved wires?  They appear to taper to a fine point.  Would a model maker put that much effort into that?  What about the configuration of the round little pods on the bottom of the long appendage.  Why that configuration.  Some of you might notice the thin beams in the long appendage, and how that seems structurally weak.  Anyway, i only wanted to share this with some of you that might take a stab at deciphering what it is and what its purpose is.  Can any of you spot anything about the construction that hints of a terrestrial design?

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