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Message No. 18891, Started by fark on 06/27/07
I need a theoritical book on mechanical parts optimizatoin, could you preffer the best one you've ever studied?
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Thank you for your advice. I wrote a term paper on this topic and I needed ...
No. 26852, Posted by JeffThorsen777 on 09/12/22, 23:44 PST.
I know Mechanical Design Optimization Using Advanced Optimization Tech...
No. 26847, Posted by MLnok on 09/12/22, 09:08 PST.
Thanks a lot!
No. 26838, Posted by JaneJLocane on 09/09/22, 10:54 PST.
Dear friendI do not know a book about the optimization of mechanical parts ...
No. 18905, Posted by zoghaib_56 on 07/01/07, 14:59 PST.