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Message No. 20764, Started by brandonr on 09/06/09

I'm an engineering student that thinks although my school has done a good job of educating me aobut fundamentals and formulas, I really have no grasp on various, real-world, mechanical components like motors, hydraulic/pneumatic systems, shaft couplings, etc. I found that out firsthand during my senior desing project when I kept getting sidetracked having learn about such components on my own.

So ultimately, can anyone recommend a book that covers such topics? I just want a book that I can read through and learn about such mechanisms without having to wade through detailed formulas (I want breadth rather than depth on any one topic). So far this book looks like what I want, but I'll gladly take other suggestions. Thanks!

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Thanks for the recommendation! We studied mechanical components at universi...
No. 26839, Posted by JeffThorsen777 on 09/09/22, 10:58 PST.
You may ask for "Design data for Machine Elements" by Dr. BD Shivalkar, vis...
No. 20874, Posted by hemantamba on 10/30/09, 18:30 PST.
Well its not surprising to learn that schools don't do any better now than ...
No. 20767, Posted by twirly on 09/08/09, 05:55 PST.