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Message No. 22663, Started by jensenbreck on 12/04/17


can i create my own personal wifi networks in residence hall?

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.




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Follow-up Messages (4)
Hi! I think that the best idea is to appeal to your administration.
No. 24545, Posted by newmancarl24 on 02/03/20, 04:29 PST.
WiFi connection is used in the home to use the internet everywhere in the h...
No. 24538, Posted by isabelladom on 02/03/20, 02:55 PST.
When it comes to Cyber Security , people just lose their minds because that...
No. 23889, Posted by EbbaV on 09/04/19, 08:47 PST.
Depends whether you have wi-fi there provided by the administration or not....
No. 22785, Posted by debraparker2018 on 12/09/18, 23:56 PST.