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Message No. 22736, Started by bluepiece on 08/23/18

Good day everyone, 

I have a question regarding the terminology of cold working and work hardening. I read somewhere that they are synoymous, but are they really? To my knowledge, cold working refers to the plastic deformation of metal parts at low temperatures. As far as I know, cold working is not deliberatr while work hardening is. Am I wrong??

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No. 22842, Posted by funnyjokes on 01/18/19, 01:24 PST.
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No. 22835, Posted by garen123 on 01/11/19, 07:17 PST.
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No. 22799, Posted by pri2347 on 12/21/18, 23:38 PST.
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No. 22797, Posted by amyneild on 12/20/18, 12:06 PST.
I have never consider this two terms as synonims. Even google says the are ...
No. 22761, Posted by stepforward on 10/19/18, 12:53 PST.
You’ve helped make it clearer for me! run 3
No. 22754, Posted by rosabella on 10/09/18, 02:00 PST.
Hi Bluepiece-  I've used "cold working" and "work hardening" as near s...
No. 22739, Posted by gearloose on 08/28/18, 19:39 PST.