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Message No. 22763, Started by Rupot1983 on 11/02/18
Sports games are simulation-based games whose themes are based on real-life sports. There are virtual teams, tournaments, characters, and tough competition in these games. Sports like football, cricket, badminton, pool, swimming, golf, boxing etc. are included in this game genre. These games are designed in a way that replicates real-life games and gaming situations. By playing these games, you get the opportunity to learn various new skills and show them to your opponents in the games. You can find a variety of online games in the sports category.
Here, we have made a list of the most played sports games at Manti Games to help you reach the most favored free online games play now at Manti Games. Check them out and roam free - Free Online Open World Games - Games For PC Browser now. 
1. Crazy Darts

The game requires flash to run on your browser.
Crazy Darts, as the name suggests, is a dart game in which you will have to score as many points as you can in just 90 seconds. To score points, you will have to take aim and throw three darts one by one on a rotating dartboard within 90 seconds. The game requires flash to run on your browser. It is interesting and simple to play but needs to practice to score higher.
2. King Of Defenders

King Of Defenders is an online soccer game in which you have to play the character of John Terry, who was a great footballer and is an English football coach at present. You will have to make goals to reach proceeding rounds. You can control the game with the help of your mouse. The animation in the game is attractive and the game is fun to play.
3. Billiards

While playing this game online in your browser, you will feel like you are playing billiards game in real-life. Unlike other billiards and pool games available online, you will get no guidance to aim the balls. You will have to practice it yourself and will have to learn to use proper angles and the right amount of power to shoot and pot the correct balls. This game is addictive and is one of the most played games on Manti Games.
4. Baseball Pro

To score, you have to hit the ball as hard as you can.
This is another addictive sports game which is based on the famous baseball sport played in real-life. In this game, while playing as a batter, you have to hit the ball as hard as you can. Hitting the ball at the correct time is the key to score points here.
5. Sports Heads Basketball

As it is clear from its name, the theme of the game is based on the real-life basketball game. You will have the opportunity to play 10 matches with your opponent. The control keys are the left and right arrow keys to move left and right, up arrow key to jump, and spacebar to shoot the ball.
6. Arcane Castle

Arcane Castle is an athletics/sports game in which you have to run from and survive the attackers that will come in your way. You can choose from easy, normal, and hard difficulties to play the game. To protect yourself from the attackers, you will have to jump up using the up arrow key or roll down using the down arrow key when needed. Since sports games are great to play as a team or with friends, let’s find more amazing online games for couples pc at Manti Games site right now. 
7. Basketball Online

You need to click and tap the ball with the correct speed.
This is yet another basketball game in our top list that has been played a lot on Manti Games. You need to click and tap the ball with the correct speed. You will need to practice this game to score high.
8. Cricket Fielder Challenge

As it is clear from the name, this game is based on the game Cricket. In this game, you will be fielding, rather than playing as a batsman or a bowler like you commonly do in other online cricket sports games. In this game, you can score high by catching the ball every time the batsman hits the ball. Due to the heavy graphics, this game will take some time to load on your browser, but you will surely get impressed by its graphics and interface.
To play the game, you will have to select your favorite team for which you want to play, and will also have to select the opponent’s team against which you want to play by choosing the clicking on the flags of the countries from the provided options. This makes the game more interesting, doesn’t it?
9. Classic Bowl

The Classic Bowl game is an interesting online solo bowling game with beautiful graphics and simple controls. You have to use the left and right arrow keys to move with the bowl in the left or right side to aim the target. After that, you will see the Power option and the Effect option. You will have to use the spacebar for controlling the power to throw the ball. Once you hit the target either right or wrong, you will get another ball to throw.
10. Crazy Freekick

You will have to choose your favorite country and play from their side.
This game is based on football sports. Generally, in an online football game, you play in a team running on the ground to either snatch the football from your opponent players or pass on the football to another player from your team with the single aim to hit the football and make goals to score and win. This game is different, however. It is easier to play and is very interesting. In this single-player football game, you will have to choose your favorite country and play from their side. You will be given the opportunity to free kick the football 5 times in which you will have to aim to place your ball in the net. With each increasing round, the number of your defenders will also increase making the game tougher.

Sports games not only entertain us but also help us learn many skills and give us the opportunity to apply these skills against our opponents to win the game. These games are challenging and are a great way to spend our leisure time while providing fun and entertainment. To get updated about the online games that can be played free on any browser. Let’s join our fan page today and try out other awesome action games online at Manti Games.
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