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Message No. 23052, Started by on 04/04/19

Our department of technological equipment, engineering and standardization at Karaganda State Technical University deals with these researches 

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very cool
No. 24938, Posted by LoveChase on 06/01/20, 22:46 PST.
It's cool that the university conducts such activities
No. 24936, Posted by LoveChase on 06/01/20, 14:08 PST.
Project support is very cool!
No. 24933, Posted by JeanWebster on 06/01/20, 14:01 PST.
It's excellent when university support research projects and other similar ...
No. 24924, Posted by Nick Westover on 05/25/20, 13:51 PST.
Not bad! I think it's beneficial for both parties
No. 24923, Posted by MJTaylor on 05/25/20, 13:39 PST.
It sounds good
No. 24894, Posted by STerrill on 05/07/20, 09:32 PST.