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Message No. 23495, Started by lylakeys on 06/18/19

Hi! let's talk about you as students. Do you think you are a good diligent student or a lazy slacker? I belong to the middle category, I try to study well. but sometimes I just do not have enough knowledge and time.

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Ok, ok I got it. But you should do it. What life would expect you if you ca...
No. 24943, Posted by baraujo821 on 06/04/20, 06:44 PST.
It's sad to say, but I'm a very bad student. I do not perform all tasks wel...
No. 24937, Posted by LoveChase on 06/01/20, 14:09 PST.
I think I'm an average student. My level of education is not the best, but ...
No. 24934, Posted by JeanWebster on 06/01/20, 14:01 PST.
There are a lot of online courses! You can find a time on a bus or after a ...
No. 24927, Posted by baraujo821 on 05/29/20, 04:41 PST.
It is a pity that I could not read this essay because I do not know to writ...
No. 24926, Posted by finistratbob on 05/28/20, 23:21 PST.
Yes! I try to do my best in my studying process
No. 24877, Posted by SophyWest on 04/28/20, 06:56 PST.
  I'm trying my best to be a good student but I don't have id...
No. 24707, Posted by ladyspin on 03/05/20, 03:00 PST.
Hi! I think that I was like you, during my study. Sometimes I was a hardwor...
No. 24543, Posted by newmancarl24 on 02/03/20, 04:26 PST.
I'm a good student but I don't have idea in every field.
No. 24404, Posted by josaflenya on 12/31/19, 04:18 PST.
No. 23909, Posted by LouisPalmer on 09/11/19, 00:31 PST.
Yes, I am always a good student and I am always pleased to be praised at th...
No. 23908, Posted by LouisPalmer on 09/11/19, 00:30 PST.
Well, it depends on the period of time we're talking about, I mean, for my ...
No. 23907, Posted by Erma Webb on 09/10/19, 18:45 PST.
I can say that I'm perfect student but as you, I study well
No. 23893, Posted by WAfmKit on 09/05/19, 14:50 PST.
Nowadays students have a load of academic burden and everyone are involved ...
No. 23497, Posted by AnthonyAnson on 06/18/19, 07:08 PST.