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Message No. 24471, Started by Larry78 on 01/22/20

Recently I changed my job, now I will teach trainings and talk about software, conduct conferences. Now I want to change the hairstyle so that it is stylish, elegant and strict, so that I would be taken seriously. What do you think a teacher should look like?

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I think a modern hairstyle that will look neat will suit you. in general, a...
No. 25915, Posted by Forbidden_zone on 02/27/21, 12:05 PST.
  Recently I changed my job, now I will teach trainings and t...
No. 25897, Posted by shawndcado on 02/22/21, 02:36 PST.
I have always appreciated this work!
No. 25894, Posted by ralphellis on 02/20/21, 08:19 PST.
Great job, I like it.
No. 25762, Posted by John333 on 11/06/20, 05:13 PST.
It is depand of you that what do you llike it and interest.
No. 24478, Posted by Fractoggen on 01/23/20, 21:43 PST.
Great, congratulations to you. I also like to experiment with haircuts, and...
No. 24475, Posted by José11 on 01/23/20, 01:25 PST.