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Message No. 24935, Started by JeanWebster on 06/01/20

Hello everybody

I am interested in your opinion on the importance of education.

Should I go to college and university today? Is it worth just taking online courses and finishing? Is it worth spending your life studying?

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Agree with you!
No. 26676, Posted by Preigaing on 06/25/22, 02:09 PST.
I agree with you
No. 26596, Posted by Gibsonir on 04/26/22, 01:00 PST.
If you can get a higher education, don't lose your chance.Courses can be ta...
No. 26491, Posted by carmen454 on 01/25/22, 03:26 PST.
education will always be important, but I prefer additional education that ...
No. 25916, Posted by Forbidden_zone on 02/27/21, 12:07 PST.
Education has always been the basis of any generation that has had, has, an...
No. 25913, Posted by ralphellis on 02/26/21, 09:05 PST.
Writing a biography about a person involves a heavy amount of research, whi...
No. 25906, Posted by kristengomez on 02/23/21, 08:02 PST.
It all depends on what you want to do. If your job requires applied knowled...
No. 25812, Posted by lolaxat on 12/08/20, 02:51 PST.
It seems to me that attending school, college and university is very import...
No. 25759, Posted by Phongarf on 11/05/20, 23:36 PST.
Today it is very important to get a good quality education. How you do it d...
No. 25749, Posted by AidenJeffries on 10/29/20, 03:41 PST.
It depends on what do you want from life. I want to become a professional i...
No. 25281, Posted by JamesMor on 07/16/20, 04:21 PST.
That's an interesting question. Often people ask this question when they go...
No. 24953, Posted by GabrielLambert on 06/10/20, 23:15 PST.