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Message No. 24951, Started by LeonardRenner on 06/09/20

In a standard powder pressing operation of soft ferrites, there exists a variation in height and weight after each pressing even if the pressing load is same, the material used is nearly perfectly homogenous and ample care has been taken to keep the die surfaces smooth.The presses are tripple acting, therefore the density variation in pressed core is neglegible. Cite the reasons for this variation.

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No. 26211, Posted by Nanami on 08/20/21, 16:48 PST.
Nice job,we are testing lab service provider.
No. 25874, Posted by sigmatesting20 on 02/01/21, 22:44 PST.
It is good power operation tool which have working variation to run&nb...
No. 25769, Posted by Yone1990 on 11/09/20, 23:59 PST.