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Message No. 25645, Started by MaximZ on 08/11/20

Hello everyone here. Guys, how do you usually spend your free time? What do you prefer doing during this quarantine? I will be very happy to hear your answers.

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Reading books, playing chess
No. 26015, Posted by Jennifer_1 on 05/23/21, 11:37 PST.
I have a dream to have 100,000 subscribers. In my free time I read articles...
No. 26014, Posted by JulianChase on 05/23/21, 11:16 PST.
I don't have a lot of hobbies but during the pandemic I watched a lot of go...
No. 25983, Posted by alanhutchinson on 04/19/21, 04:19 PST.
happy to hear your answers
No. 25910, Posted by JeffryMichl on 02/25/21, 06:14 PST.
In my free time, I like reading classical literature most of all, especiall...
No. 25885, Posted by Harrison Lee on 02/17/21, 03:04 PST.
nice post
No. 25872, Posted by chansonwater on 01/29/21, 04:25 PST.
I like soccer
No. 25854, Posted by carlost32 on 01/17/21, 15:58 PST.
I enjoy learning foreign languages and cultures of other countries. I spea...
No. 25811, Posted by lolaxat on 12/08/20, 02:47 PST.
Hello, I am a gamer and it's my hobby, during lockdown i spend my time pla...
No. 25809, Posted by miladluuk on 12/07/20, 23:08 PST.
No. 25804, Posted by charlessmith on 12/01/20, 00:44 PST.
Hi to all i am new this forum.
No. 25790, Posted by amulya987 on 11/19/20, 03:44 PST.
I like play fooball.
No. 25760, Posted by John333 on 11/06/20, 05:10 PST.
  I like to play chess.
No. 25717, Posted by dennniddmbbb on 10/11/20, 07:30 PST.
My life is quite boring now... I have lost my job and I just play in Destin...
No. 25646, Posted by Xxxavier on 08/11/20, 12:18 PST.