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Message No. 25846, Started by JustMe3 on 01/12/21

Howdy all,

I have two CNC mills currently. A 3 axis mill and a 4 axis mill. The 3 axis mill did not come with a controller. So I set up a Raspberry Pi with a G-Code sender to make it work. It does a great job.

I am looking for input on flood vs mist cooling. I have a tray under each machine that can catch and allow coolant to flow do under the bench. The machines I have do NOT have shields for them. But that doesn't mean that they could not be fabricated.

Any pointers or places I can do some research or any inforamtion will be appreciated.

I like making chips, just not burnt ones. 

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No. 26025, Posted by vivek rathod on 05/30/21, 08:05 PST.
Thanks for this posting 
No. 25984, Posted by EazyResearch on 04/22/21, 03:38 PST.
Okie thats interesting  one 
No. 25936, Posted by OliviaClark on 03/15/21, 00:51 PST.
its an interesting
No. 25930, Posted by Seilla on 03/10/21, 07:46 PST.
No. 25881, Posted by nishakapoor on 02/10/21, 06:49 PST.
But that doesn't mean that they could not be fabricated.
No. 25880, Posted by TisaDetamble on 02/10/21, 01:30 PST.
Thanks for sharing the information
No. 25873, Posted by suanreed1331 on 02/01/21, 03:35 PST.
Tnx for info! 
No. 25864, Posted by lolaxat on 01/26/21, 05:41 PST.
No. 25857, Posted by mbacollege on 01/21/21, 22:31 PST.