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Message No. 26220, Started by johnakas on 08/25/21

Can you guys help me in choosing best board game? I don't like chess. So avoid giving suggestions of chess. Need new suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the advice. I like to play board games, but lately I still ...
No. 26593, Posted by Harrison Lee on 04/19/22, 05:13 PST.
I mostly play video games and never was a big fan of board games, but we bo...
No. 26418, Posted by jamieleewilliams on 12/15/21, 02:59 PST.
you can learn about ROMs games. these games we can entertain at a...
No. 26272, Posted by TamiTurner on 09/27/21, 19:44 PST.
Boards game take too much of your time bro. i used to be late for my colleg...
No. 26242, Posted by Gerald44 on 09/08/21, 05:07 PST.
Which racket should I choose?
No. 26223, Posted by johnakas on 08/27/21, 00:15 PST.
If you don't like board games then I would suggest to play badminton.
No. 26222, Posted by tamrub on 08/27/21, 00:09 PST.