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Message No. 26264, Started by RandallBrycen on 09/22/21

Perhaps someone knows what is happening in Ukraine now? My new colleague from Ukraine, I want to find common topics for conversation with him.

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No. 26625, Posted by Dixoni on 05/18/22, 02:37 PST.
No. 26552, Posted by IvoryHoward on 03/21/22, 11:45 PST.
thanks for the information
No. 26546, Posted by stevenspear on 03/17/22, 11:04 PST.
In what language do you read the news? If in English, the BBC is the best&n...
No. 26490, Posted by carmen454 on 01/25/22, 03:22 PST.
I would recommend searching for "BBC Ukraine" on google, I consider them to...
No. 26420, Posted by jamieleewilliams on 12/15/21, 05:30 PST.
No. I havent 
No. 26367, Posted by benleon9891 on 11/22/21, 03:59 PST.
thank you
No. 26269, Posted by rajtharun on 09/25/21, 08:17 PST.
Many thanks!
No. 26266, Posted by RandallBrycen on 09/22/21, 09:09 PST.
A lot of interesting things are happening in Ukraine! This country is now i...
No. 26265, Posted by MossAlonzo on 09/22/21, 08:58 PST.