Salary Expectation

8 things to know about the interview question "What's your salary expectation"?

Wind Systems

Towers, turbines, gearboxes; processes for shaping and finishing component parts.

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Power Transmission

Gear drives, bearings, motors, clutches, couplings, machine controls, sensors and components.

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Message No. 26380, Started by hakhtar on 11/28/21

Can any one tell how to blend TPR material from SBS polymer. I mean what is the ratio different chemicals to make TPR material.What are the commercial names of these differevt chemicals. Reply will be appriciated

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Follow-up Messages (2) Particleboard wood is the substrate for laminate fl...
No. 26719, Posted by johnberg0406 on 07/22/22, 02:56 PST.
The TPR material making process is a simple and effective way to make your ...
No. 26533, Posted by Hersentooped1988 on 03/08/22, 06:59 PST.