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Message No. 26437, Started by sunmetalalloys on 12/26/21

Hello all friends. I have a question about casting of wrought aluminum alloys. We decided to recycle some scrap 2219 parts. Some of the steel parts were also fastened to aluminum parts and unable to be separated.  We melted them in an induction furnace and carried out its chemical analysis to check its conformance with parent alloy.

The results were conforming in terms of copper and other alloying elements but iron and silicon content were higher after recycling. What could be the reason for that? I was informed before melting that iron will settle down and aluminum liquid pool will stay up, then from where does this iron and silicon increased?

Any help shall be highly appreciated.

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this is not material have checked other material.
No. 26465, Posted by davidmark3 on 01/11/22, 01:56 PST.