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Message No. 3492, Started by yaqoot on 08/24/00
I would like to know what the thermal conductivity for Aluminium and Copper is at 25 degrees room temperature and 95% material temeprature?, the table given on your site shows the units in w/m-k I would like the conductivity values in watts/m-degrees C, i will appreciate a very quick response on this as I would like to design a heat exchanger accordingly....


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I agree, This can not be done quickly. For more information on thermal cond...
No. 25684, Posted by MacRobin on 09/16/20, 08:04 PST.
Thank you very much for your prompt reply...yes you are right in not unders...
No. 3517, Posted by yaqoot on 08/25/00, 06:36 PST.
The units W/m-K and W/m-C are the same. Can you clarify what do you mean b...
No. 3499, Posted by hchu on 08/24/00, 12:37 PST.