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Message No. 3605, Started by marks on 08/29/00
Can you recommend a method of cutting a nice rectangular cutout in 18-20 gauge sheet metal, using hand tools? The hole size is 5 in x 7 in. The sheet size is 11 in. x 14 in. The hole edges need to be straight! Its difficult to do with snips without distorting the inside edges. Can it be done by hand? or is a mill a better bet?
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Angle Grinders aren't messy. Simply use a new disc and bury it in the cut. ...
No. 25920, Posted by Gabrielhm on 03/03/21, 05:11 PST.
The mill should work fine. You can hold the sheet metal to the table using ...
No. 3645, Posted by art2000 on 08/31/00, 18:55 PST.
Thanks for the advice. I have a friend with access to a milling machine. I...
No. 3643, Posted by marks on 08/31/00, 14:19 PST.
Marks, I am assuming that you are doing this as hobby and not for a prod...
No. 3642, Posted by narayan on 08/31/00, 12:45 PST.
punching is the only "manual" method I can think of that will give you a ve...
No. 3607, Posted by rorschach on 08/29/00, 15:19 PST.