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Message No. 6159, Started by mbgm8ccl on 02/20/01

Basically, I want to ask your advice on how I can write a professional standard report? Also, what kind of report writing would be judged to be professional standard by people? What is the format for the report?

Like at the moment, I'm dealing with a failure analysis problem for the Channel tunnel accident in 18 november 1996. I need to outline of factors contributing to failure. In addition, I need to find another similar accident to compare the channel tunnel accident. In this case, I also need to describe the similar accident and outline of factors contributing to failure. Finally, conlusions are needed as well for both cases. So if you can or don't mind, can you outline the format of the report for me?

your help and your early reply will be much appreciated.

Much thanks
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Thanks a lot!
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Greetings, Maybe I'm off track but here is how you should prepare it. F...
No. 6198, Posted by mrfritz on 02/23/01, 19:30 PST.