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Glossary » Materials » Alloys » Aluminum Alloy » Wrought » AA 5154
AA 5154 is categorized as Wrought Aluminum Alloy. It is composed of (in weight percentage) 96.2% Aluminum (Al), 3.5% Magnesium (Mg), and 0.25% Chromium (Cr). It can be seen in forms of sheet, plate, extruded rod bar and wire, extruded shapes, extruded tubes, cold finished rod bar and wire, and drawn tube.
Aluminum is a silverish white metal that has a strong resistance to corrosion and like gold, is rather malleable. It is a relatively light metal compared to metals such as steel, nickel, brass, and copper with a specific gravity of 2.7. Aluminum is easily machinable and can have a wide variety of surface finishes. It also has good electrical and thermal conductivities and is highly reflective to heat and light.

The typical elastic modulus of aluminum alloys at room temperature (25°C) ranges from 70 to 79 GPa. The typical density of aluminum alloys ranges from 2.6 to 2.8 g/cm3. The typical tensile strength varies between 230 and 570 MPa. The wide range of ultimate tensile strength is largely due to different heat treatment conditions.

Additional Information
Other common Wrought Aluminum Alloys include AA 1050, AA 1060, AA 1100, AA 1145, AA 1199, AA 1350, AA 2011, AA 2014, AA 2024, AA 2036, AA 2048, AA 2124, AA 2218, AA 2219, AA 2319, AA 2618, AA 3003, AA 3004, AA 3105, AA 4032, AA 4043, AA 5005, AA 5050, AA 5052, AA 5056, AA 5083, AA 5086, AA 5182, AA 5252, AA 5254, AA 5356, AA 5454, AA 5456, AA 5457, AA 5652, AA 5657, AA 6005, AA 6009, AA 6010, AA 6061, AA 6063, AA 6066, AA 6070, AA 6101, AA 6151, AA 6201, AA 6205, AA 6262, AA 6351, AA 6463, AA 7005, AA 7049, AA 7050, AA 7072, AA 7075, AA 7175, AA 7178, and AA 7475.
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