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Glossary » Materials » Alloys » Steel » Alloy Steel » SAE 950D
SAE 950D is a HSLA (High-Strength Low-Alloy) Steel grade Alloy Steel. It is composed of (in weight percentage) 0.15% Carbon (C), 1.00% Manganese (Mn), 0.15% Phosphorus (P), 0.05% Sulfur (S), 0.90% Silicon (Si), and the base metal Iron (Fe). Another common designation of SAE 950D alloy steel is AISI 950D.
Steel is the common name for a large family of iron alloys. Steels can either be cast directly to shape, or into ingots which are reheated and hot worked into a wrought shape by forging, extrusion, rolling, or other processes. Wrought steels are the most common engineering material used, and come in a variety of forms with different finishes and properties. Alloy steels are steels that exceed the element limits for Carbon steels. However, steels containing more than 3.99% chromium are classified differently as stainless and tool steels. Alloy steels also includes steels that contain elements not found in carbon steels such as nickel, chromium (up to 3.99%), cobalt, etc.

The typical elastic modulus of alloy steels at room temperature (25°C) ranges from 190 to 210 GPa. The typical density of alloy steels is about 7.85 g/cm3. The typical tensile strength varies between 758 and 1882 MPa. The wide range of ultimate tensile strength is largely due to different heat treatment conditions.

Additional Information
Other common Alloy steels include AISI 1330, AISI 1330H, AISI 1335, AISI 1335H, AISI 1340, AISI 1340H, AISI 1345, AISI 1345H, AISI 2330, AISI 3140, AISI 4012, AISI 4023, AISI 4024, AISI 4027, AISI 4027H, AISI 4028, AISI 4028H, AISI 4032, AISI 4032H, AISI 4037, AISI 4037H, AISI 4042, AISI 4042H, AISI 4047, AISI 4047H, AISI 4118, AISI 4118H, AISI 4130, AISI 4130H, AISI 4135, AISI 4135H, AISI 4137, AISI 4137H, AISI 4140, AISI 4140H, AISI 4142, AISI 4142H, AISI 4145, AISI 4145H, AISI 4147, AISI 4147H, AISI 4150, AISI 4150H, AISI 4161, AISI 4161H, AISI 4320, AISI 4320H, AISI 4340, AISI 4340H, AISI 4419, AISI 4419H, AISI 4422, AISI 4427, AISI 4615, AISI 4617, AISI 4620, AISI 4620H, AISI 4621, AISI 4621H, AISI 4626, AISI 4626H, AISI 4718, AISI 4718H, AISI 4720, AISI 4720H, AISI 4815, AISI 4815H, AISI 4817, AISI 4817H, AISI 4820, AISI 4820H, AISI 50100, AISI 5015, AISI 5046, AISI 5046H, AISI 5060, AISI 50B40, AISI 50B40H, AISI 50B44, AISI 50B44H, AISI 50B46, AISI 50B46H, AISI 50B50, AISI 50B50H, AISI 50B60, AISI 50B60H, AISI 51100, AISI 5115, AISI 5117, AISI 5120, AISI 5120H, AISI 5130, AISI 5130H, AISI 5132, AISI 5132H, AISI 5135, AISI 5135H, AISI 5140, AISI 5140H, AISI 5145, AISI 5145H, AISI 5147, AISI 5147H, AISI 5150, AISI 5150H, AISI 5155, AISI 5155H, AISI 5160, AISI 5160H, AISI 51B60, AISI 51B60H, AISI 52100, AISI 6118, AISI 6118H, AISI 6150, AISI 6150H, AISI 8115, AISI 81B45, AISI 81B45H, AISI 8615, AISI 8617, AISI 8617H, AISI 8620, AISI 8620H, AISI 8622, AISI 8622H, AISI 8625, AISI 8625H, AISI 8627, AISI 8627H, AISI 8630, AISI 8630H, AISI 8637, AISI 8637H, AISI 8640, AISI 8640H, AISI 8642, AISI 8642H, AISI 8645, AISI 8645H, AISI 8650, AISI 8650H, AISI 8655, AISI 8655H, AISI 8660, AISI 8660H, AISI 86B30H, AISI 86B45, AISI 86B45H, AISI 8720, AISI 8720H, AISI 8740, AISI 8740H, AISI 8822, AISI 8822H, AISI 9254, AISI 9255, AISI 9260, AISI 9260H, AISI 9310, AISI 9310H, SAE 942X, SAE 945A, SAE 945C, SAE 945X, AISI 94B15, AISI 94B15H, AISI 94B17, AISI 94B17H, AISI 94B30, AISI 94B30H, SAE 950A, SAE 950B, SAE 950C, SAE 950X, SAE 955X, SAE 960X, SAE 965X, SAE 970X, SAE 980X, AISI E4340, AISI E4340H, ASTM A202 Grade A, ASTM A202 Grade B, ASTM A203 Grade A, ASTM A203 Grade B, ASTM A203 Grade D, ASTM A203 Grade E, ASTM A204 Grade A, ASTM A204 Grade B, ASTM A204 Grade C, ASTM A225 Grade A, ASTM A225 Grade B, ASTM A225 Grade C, ASTM A242 Type 1, ASTM A242 Type 2, ASTM A302 Grade A, ASTM A302 Grade B, ASTM A302 Grade C, ASTM A302 Grade D, ASTM A353, ASTM A387 Grade 11, ASTM A387 Grade 12, ASTM A387 Grade 2, ASTM A387 Grade 21, ASTM A387 Grade 22, ASTM A387 Grade 5, ASTM A387 Grade 7, ASTM A387 Grade 9, ASTM A440, ASTM A441, ASTM A514 Type A, ASTM A514 Type B, ASTM A514 Type C, ASTM A514 Type D, ASTM A514 Type E, ASTM A514 Type F, ASTM A514 Type G, ASTM A514 Type H, ASTM A514 Type J, ASTM A514 Type K, ASTM A514 Type L, ASTM A514 Type M, ASTM A514 Type N, ASTM A514 Type P, ASTM A517 Grade A, ASTM A517 Grade B, ASTM A517 Grade C, ASTM A517 Grade D, ASTM A517 Grade B, ASTM A517 Grade F, ASTM A517 Grade G, ASTM A517 Grade H, ASTM A517 Grade J, ASTM A517 Grade K, ASTM A517 Grade L, ASTM A517 Grade M, ASTM A517 Grade P, ASTM A533 Type A, ASTM A533 Type B, ASTM A533 Type C, ASTM A533 Type D, ASTM A538 Grade A, ASTM A538 Grade B, ASTM A538 Grade C, ASTM A542, ASTM A543 Type A, ASTM A543 Type B, ASTM A553 Type I, ASTM A553 Type Ll, ASTM A562, ASTM A572 Grade 42, ASTM A572 Grade 45, ASTM A572 Grade 50, ASTM A572 Grade 55, ASTM A572 Grade 60, ASTM A572 Grade 65, ASTM A588 Grade A, ASTM A588 Grade B, ASTM A588 Grade C, ASTM A588 Grade D, ASTM A588 Grade E, ASTM A588 Grade F, ASTM A588 Grade G, ASTM A588 Grade H, ASTM A588 Grade J, ASTM A590, ASTM A605, ASTM A633 Grade A, ASTM A633 Grade B, ASTM A633 Grade C, ASTM A633 Grade D, ASTM A633 Grade E, ASTM A645, ASTM A656 Grade 1, ASTM A656 Grade 2, ASTM A699, ASTM A710 Grade A, ASTM A710 Grade B, ASTM A734 Type A, ASTM A734 Type B, ASTM A735, ASTM A736, ASTM A737 Grade A, ASTM A737 Grade B, and ASTM A737 Grade C.
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