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Glossary » Materials » Alloys » Steel » Tool Steel » AISI S5
AISI S5 is a Shock-Resisting Steel grade Tool Steel. It is composed of (in weight percentage) 0.50-0.65% Carbon (C), 0.60-1.00% Manganese (Mn), 1.75-2.25% Silicon (Si), 0.35% Chromium (Cr), 0.20-135% Molybdenum (Mo), 0.35% Vanadium (V), 0.25% Copper (Cu), 0.03% Phosphorus (P), 0.03% Sulfur (S), and the base metal Iron (Fe). Other designations of AISI S5 tool steel include UNS T41905 and AISI S5.
Steel is the common name for a large family of iron alloys. Steels can either be cast directly to shape, or into ingots which are reheated and hot worked into a wrought shape by forging, extrusion, rolling, or other processes. Wrought steels are the most common engineering material used, and come in a variety of forms with different finishes and properties. Tool steels typically have excess carbides (carbon alloys) which make them hard and wear-resistant. Most tool steels are used in a heat-treated state, generally hardened and tempered.

The typical elastic modulus of tool steels at room temperature (25°C) ranges from 190 to 210 GPa. The typical density of tool steels ranges from 7.72 to 8.0 g/cm3. The typical tensile strength varies between 640 and 2000 MPa. The wide range of ultimate tensile strength is largely due to different heat treatment conditions.

Additional Information
Other common Tool steels include AISI A10, AISI A2, AISI A3, AISI A4, AISI A6, AISI A7, AISI A8, AISI A9, AISI D2, AISI D3, AISI D4, AISI D5, AISI D7, AISI H10, AISI H11, AISI H12, AISI H13, AISI H14, AISI H19, AISI H21, AISI H22, AISI H23, AISI H24, AISI H25, AISI H26, AISI H42, AISI L2, AISI L6, AISI M1, AISI M10, AISI M2, AISI M30, AISI M33, AISI M34, AISI M36, AISI M3 Class 1, AISI M3 Class 2, AISI M4, AISI M41, AISI M42, AISI M43, AISI M44, AISI M46, AISI M47, AISI M6, AISI M7, AISI O1, AISI O2, AISI O6, AISI O7, AISI P2, AISI P20, AISI P21, AISI P3, AISI P4, AISI P5, AISI P6, AISI S1, AISI S2, AISI S6, AISI S7, AISI T1, AISI T15, AISI T2, AISI T4, AISI T5, AISI T6, AISI T8, AISI W1, AISI W2, and AISI W5.
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