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Glossary » Materials » Polymers » Cellulosic » Cellulose Acetate Butyrate » Molding and Extrusion Compound
Molding and Extrusion Compound Cellulosic is a subcategory of Cellulosic. It is specially formulated to molding and extrusion compound. Its elastic modulus ranges from 50 to 200 MPa. Its flexural modulus ranges from 90 to 300 MPa. Its tensile strength ranges from 2600 to 8100 MPa at break. Its flexural strength ranges from 1800 to 10100 MPa. Its compressive strength ranges from 2100 to 7500 MPa. Its Izod Impact strength ranges from 1 to 10.9 J/cm. Its elongation at break ranges from 40 to 88 %. Its hardness ranges from 11 to 116 Rockwell R. Its specific gravity ranges from 1.15 to 1.22. Its coefficient of thermal expansion ranges from 110 to 170 x 10-6/°C. Its molding pressure ranges from 8 to 32 MPa.
Cellulosic is a thermoplastic modified natural polymer substance. cellulose acetate butyrate Cellulosic is commonly used in molding and extrusion compounds.
Additional Information
Other common Cellulosic include Molding Compound and Sheet Cellulosic, Sheet Cellulosic, Molding and Extrusion Compound Cellulosic, Molding and Extrusion Compound Cellulosic, and Cellulosic.
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