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Glossary » Materials » Polymers » Polyamide-Imide » Unfilled » Compression and Injection Molding Compound
Unfilled Compression and Injection Molding Compound PAI is a subcategory of Polyamide-imide. The additative is added during the manufacturing process. Its molding pressure ranges from 2 to 40 MPa.
Polyamide-imide, also known as PAI, is a thermoplastic polycondensate. It has high strength, melt processibility, exceptional high heat capability, and broad chemical resistance. PAI can be processed into a wide variety of forms: injection or compression molded parts and ingot; coatings, films, fibers and adhesives.
Additional Information
Other common Polyamide-imide (PAI) include 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced PAI, Graphite Fiber Reinforced PAI, Bearing Grade PAI, High Compressive Strength PAI, Wear Resistant for Speeds PAI, Stiffness and Lubricity PAI, and Cost / Performance Ratio PAI.
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