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Glossary » Materials » Polymers » Polyetherimide » Unfilled
Unfilled PEI is a subcategory of Polyetherimide. The additative is added during the manufacturing process. Its Izod Impact strength ranges from 1 to 1.2 J/cm. Its hardness ranges from 109 to 110 Rockwell M. Its coefficient of thermal expansion ranges from 47 to 56 x 10-6/°C. Its melting temperature ranges from 215 to 217 °C. Its molding pressure ranges from 10 to 20 MPa.
Polyetherimide, also known as PEI, is a thermoplastic polycondensate. The most common trade name is Ultem. PEI is in many ways similar to PEEK, but is cheaper, less temperature-resistant and lower in impact strength. PEI resins are commonly used in medical and chemical instrumentation due to their heat resistance, solvent resistance and flame resistance.
Additional Information
Other common Polyetherimide (PEI) include 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced PEI, and 30% Carbon Fiber EMI Shielding (conductive) PEI.
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