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Glossary » Materials » Polymers » Polyphenylene Oxide » Alloy With Polystyrene
Alloy With Polystyrene PPO is a subcategory of Polyphenylene Oxide. The additative is added during the manufacturing process. Its elastic modulus ranges from 335 to 380 MPa. Its flexural modulus ranges from 330 to 400 MPa. Its flexural strength ranges from 9500 to 14000 MPa. Its hardness ranges from 118 to 120 Rockwell R. Its specific gravity ranges from 1.04 to 1.09. Its coefficient of thermal expansion ranges from 33 to 77 x 10-6/°C. Its melting temperature ranges from 117 to 190 °C. Its molding pressure ranges from 12 to 20 MPa.
Polyphenylene Oxide, also known as PPO, is a thermoplastic polycondensate. The most common trade name is Ashley. high glass transition temp Although it resists many chemicals, it is easily attacked by some hydrocarbons. It has excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, and high mechanical and dielectric strength. PPO is processable by conventional extrusion and injection molding equipment.
Additional Information
Other common Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO) include Alloy With Polystyrene PPO, Alloy With Polystyrene, Impact Modified PPO, Alloy With Polystyrene, 15% Glass Fiber Reinforced PPO, Alloy With Polystyrene, 20% Glass Fiber Reinforced PPO, Alloy With Polystyrene, 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced PPO, Alloy With Polystyrene, Mineral Filled PPO, Alloy With Polystyrene, 30% Graphite Fiber EMI Shielding (conductive) PPO, Alloy With Polystyrene, 40% Aluminium Flake EMI Shielding (conductive) PPO, and Alloy With Nylon, Unreinforced PPO.
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