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Glossary » Units » Velocity Change With Temperature » Foot Per Second Per Degree Fahrenheit
Foot Per Second Per Degree Fahrenheit (ft/s-°F) is a unit in the category of Velocity change with temperature. It is also known as metres, seconds, meters, degree, Fahrenheit. This unit is commonly used in the UK, US, FPS unit systems. Foot Per Second Per Degree Fahrenheit (ft/s-°F) has a dimension of LT-1Q-1 where L is length, T is time, and Q is temperatur. It can be converted to the corresponding standard SI unit m/s-K by multiplying its value by a factor of 0.54864.
Note that the seven base dimensions are M (Mass), L (Length), T (Time), Q (Temperature), N (Aamount of Substance), I (Electric Current), and J (Luminous Intensity).

Other units in the category of Velocity change with temperature include Meter Per Second Per Degree Celsius (m/s-°C), and Meter Per Second Per Kelvin (m/s-K).

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