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Copper Alloy
Name Type Common Name
UNS C15735  Wrought  Copper alloy 
UNS C15760  Wrought  Copper alloy 
UNS C16200  Wrought  Cadmium copper 
UNS C16500  Wrought  Cadmium copper 
UNS C17000  Wrought  Beryllium copper 
UNS C17200  Wrought  Beryllium copper 
UNS C17300  Wrought  Beryllium copper 
UNS C17500  Wrought  Copper-cobalt-beryllium alloy 
UNS C18200  Wrought  Chromium copper 
UNS C18400  Wrought  Chromium copper 
UNS C18500  Wrought  Chromium copper 
UNS C18700  Wrought  Leaded copper 
UNS C18900  Wrought  High-copper alloy 
UNS C19000  Wrought  Copper-nickel-phosphorus alloy 
UNS C19100  Wrought  Copper-nickel-phosphorus-tellurium alloy 
UNS C19200  Wrought  High-copper alloy 
UNS C19400  Wrought  High-copper alloy 
UNS C19500  Wrought  High-copper alloy 
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