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Category Titanium Alloy
Class Wrought
Type Near alpha alloy
Designations United States: MIL-T-9046, MIL-T-9047, AMS 4972, AMS 4915, AMS 4973, AMS 4955, AMS 4916

ElementWeight %
Al  8 
Mo  1 
V  1 

Mechanical Properties
Properties Conditions 
T (°C)Treatment
Density (×1000 kg/m3) 4.37 25  
Poisson's Ratio 0.32 25  
Elastic Modulus (GPa) 124.1 25  
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 621  540 more duplex annealed  
Yield Strength (Mpa) 517 
Elongation (%) 25 
Reduction in Area (%) 55 
Hardness (HRC) 35  25  duplex annealed 
Impact Strength (J)
32  25  duplex annealed  

Thermal Properties
Properties Conditions 
T (°C)Treatment
Thermal Expansion (10-6/ºC) 8.5  20-100 more