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Atomic Number 7
Atomic Weight 14.0067
Electron Config. 2-2-3
Electron configuration order: 1s-2s-2p-3s-3p-3d-4s-4p-4d-4f-5s-5p-5d-5f-6s-6p-6d-7s

Mechanical Properties Conditions
Phase Temp. (K) Pressure (Pa)
Density (N2) 1.25 kg/m3 Gas  293.15  101325 
Density (N2) 807 kg/m3 Liquid  77.35  101325 

Thermal Properties Conditions
Temp. (K) Pressure (Pa)
Melting Temperature (N2) 63.15 K   101325 
Boiling Temperature (N2) 77.36 K   101325 
Critical Temperature (N2) 126.21 K    
Fusion Enthalpy (N2) 25.7 J/g 101325 
Vaporization Enthalpy (N2) 198.83 J/g 101325 
Heat Capacity (N2) 1040 J/kg-K 298.149993896 100000