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State: nylon (PA 66)
Additives: molybdenum disulfide filled
Application: antifriction
Material Properties
 Mechanical Properties Conditions
State 1 State 2 ASTM
Elastic Modulus (MPa)   2415 - 3795  tensile  dry (0.2% water content) D638
Flexural Modulus (MPa)   2898 - 3416   23 ºC  dry (0.2% water content) D790
Tensile Strength (MPa)   72 - 95 at break  dry (0.2% water content) D638
Compressive Strength (MPa)
at yield or break
  83 - 86  dry (0.2% water content)   D695
Flexural Strength (MPa)
at yield or break
 104 - 140  dry (0.2% water content)   D790
Elongation at break (%)   4 - 40    dry (0.2% water content) D638
Hardness  119  Rockwell R  dry (0.2% water content) D638
Izod Impact (J/cm of notch)
1/8" thick specimen unless noted
  0.5 - 2.4    dry (0.2% water content) D256A

 Thermal Properties Conditions
Pressure State ASTM
Coef of Thermal Expansion (10-6/ºC)   54     D696
Deflection Temperature (ºC)  202 - 221   0.46 MPa   D648
  88 - 127   1.82 MPa  dry (0.2% water content) D648

 Physical & Electrical Properties Conditions
State ASTM
Specific Gravity  1.15 - 1.18   D792
Water Absorption (% weight increase)  8  saturated D570
 0.8 - 1.1  after 24 hrs D570
Dielectric Strength (V/mil);
1/8" thick specimen unless noted
  360  dry (0.2% water content) D149

 Processing Properties Conditions
Melting Temperature (ºC)  260 - 265  Tm, crystalline  
Processing Temperature (ºC)  260 - 316  injection molding  
Molding Pressure (MPa)   34 - 172    
Linear Mold Shrinkage (cm/cm)  0.007 - 0.018   D955
Adell Plastics, Inc. Baltimore, MD  800-638-5218
ALM Corp. Wayne, NJ   
Ashley Polymers Brooklyn, NY   
ComAlloy International Co. Nashville, TN   
DSM Engineering Plastic Products, Inc. Reading, PA  800-729-0101
LNP Engineering Plastics, Inc. Exton, PA  800-854-8774
M.A. Hanna Engineered Materials Norcross, GA   
Nyltech NA Co., Inc. Manchester, NH   
RTP Co. Winona, MN  800-433-4787
Thermofil, Inc. Brighton, MI  800-444-4408