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General Topics

Definition of Derivatives: Calculus Related Calculator

is the derivative of f(x). The process of taking derivatives is called differentiation.

Similarly, the higher derivatives of f(x) can be defined by

When there is more than one variable in a function, the derivative of the function should be specified with respect to a particular variable. For example,

is the partial derivative of f(x,y,z) with respect to x while keeping y and z constant.

In contrast to the partial derivative, the differential of f(x,y,z) is defined by

Leibniz's Formula for Derivatives:

L'Hôspital's Rule: L'Hôspital's Rule is used to determine the indeterminates such as width=150. If both f(x) and g(x) are differentiable in the domain except possibly at x0, then Calculus Related Calculator

The process can be repeated until the equivalent limit is found.

Integration by Parts: Integration by parts is one of the most commonly used integration formulas.