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Please select the components from the following table, then click the "Find Integrals!" button to obtain the integrals containing all of the components. Indefinite Integral:
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x x2 x3 xn
ax + b    
x2 + a2 x2 - a2
ax2 + bx + c  
x3 + a3      
x4 + a4 x4 - a4    
xn + an xn - an

ax eax b + ceax  
ln x ln (x2 + a2)   ln (x2 - a2)

sin ax sin2ax sinnax a + bsin ax
cos ax cos2ax cosnax a + bcos ax
asin ax + bcos ax   a + bsin2ax
asin2ax + bcos2ax   a + bcos2ax
asin ax + bcos ax + c    
tan ax tan2ax tannax a + btan ax
sec ax sec2ax secnax a + bsec ax
csc ax csc2ax cscnax a + bcsc ax
cot ax cot2ax cotnax a + bcot ax

sin-1ax cos-1ax tan-1ax  
csc-1ax sec-1ax cot-1ax  

sinh ax sinh2ax sinhnax  
cosh ax cosh2ax coshnax  
tanh ax tanh2ax tanhnax a + btanh ax
sech ax sech2ax sechnax  
csch ax csch2ax cschnax  
coth ax coth2ax cothnax a + bcoth ax

sinh-1(x/a) cosh-1(x/a) tanh-1(x/a)  
csch-1(x/a) sech-1(x/a) coth-1(x/a)