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Even while it may make sense to purchase toner kits and cartridges from the manufacturer's website, they typically charge a premium for these replacements. Even when a third-party provider buys the replacement via a middleman, manufacturer premiums might be up to three times more expensive than what you can get from a reliable third-party source. Air travel is a good analogy for this situation. Purchasing your plane tickets from a travel agency is frequently less expensive than doing it directly from the airline.

Purchasing printer supplies from Toner-R Printing Supplies allows me to save $14-$17 on a color cartridge for the printer that is currently sitting on my desk. I can save $14 from the manufacturer's website and $17 from Wal-prices Mart's by using this third-party vendor. I still save money by purchasing the black toner cartridge from Printer Central. With the manufacturer's price, I can save $5 and with Wal- Mart's, I can save $6 if I buy the replacement. And we've been conditioned to believe that Wal-Mart is always the best place to shop because of this. The thought of that is mind-boggling.

Be wary of manufacturers when it comes time to buy a printer. All they care about is making as much money as possible.

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