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SAN Furniture Company Shop is a one-stop shop for all your home furnishing needs. Whether you are looking for a sofa, a dining table, bedroom furniture, or kitchen accessories, you’ll find it here. You can even choose to buy it online and have it delivere
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Home Furniture A guide to styles and designs
Furniture is an important part of the decor of your home There are a myriad of designs and styles are offered. The shapes and styles differ greatly dependent on the style of furniture. The most popular styles include square, rectangle oval, round and antique. Different designs and styles also feature different characteristics. Certain pieces are more contemporary than others, while other pieces may feature rustic or antique accents. Some pieces are also unique in storage spaces and other features. For instance an end table might contain a storage space hidden and an end table could have a curving edge.

A sofa is a useful piece of home furniture. It can serve many reasons, from sitting down while reading a book to entertaining guests. While some people don't utilize a sofa, many consider it an excellent accessory to their living space. A coffee table is a great place to keep the morning cup of coffee or book, and also serves as an ideal place for entertaining guests.

A three-seat sofa typically measures around 35 inches deep and 84 inches wide while a love seat is 30-inches wide, and the length is 81 inches. The L-shaped sofa measures length 81 inches as well as 32 inches in width. A different important piece of furniture for your home is an armchair. Chairs are a fundamental piece of furniture for homes that is owned by the majority of people. It typically consists of two pieces of solid material that are the seat and back. The back is supported by four legs and those legs support the seat.

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