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Turning: Standard Tool Post Tool
The tool inserted in the tool holder is shown below:


Single-Point Cutting Tool Variety
There are many types of cutting tools for different operations. Below is shown a few of the variety, here shown with a tool holder adapter that fits into a larger tool post fixture.


Below is shown how single-point lathe tools can be used.


Parting Tool
The illustration below shows how a parting tool is fixtured and used. Parting is important at the end of a turning process in order to separate the part from the raw material. Parting must be carried out slowly and carefully since the tool is quite long and is prone to chattering. Parting is not very accurate, and a finishing cut must often be undertaken after parting if the parted surface is to be accurate.

Knurling is an operation used to produce a texture on a turned machine part. Handles are often knurled in order to provide a gripping surface. The two wheel inserts shown on the tool below contact the work piece, and with pressure, cold-form a pattern into the surface of the part.


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