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Design and Standards
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Theoretical Background of Electric Resistance Strain Gages
Derivation of the theory of electric resistance stain gages.

Strain Gage: Installation
A brief list of general purpose tape-assisted strain gage installation method and links to further detail procedures: surface preparation, gage bonding, leadwire attachment, and protective coating.

Strain Gages: Selection
Introduction to strain gage selection and links to all selection factors: gage length, gage pattern, gage resistance, gage materials, optional features.

Strain Gages: Sensitivity
Sensitivity of strain gage wire materials, their selection, and brief discussion of self-temperature-compensation.

Strain Gages: Wheatstone Bridge
Introduction to Wheatstone Bridge Circuit, basic layout, initial balanced, and equal-resistance bridges.

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Rosette Strain Gage
This page discusses multi_axial strain gages, also know as strain rosettes. It derive the formulas for the normal and shear strains from the strain measures. Two special cases: 0-45-90 and 0-60-120 strain rosettes are also presented.

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