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knot (noeud)
Symbol:  kn, knot 
Category:  Velocity 
SI Equivalent:  0.514444 m/s
Dimension LT-1 
System:  INT 
An international unit in navigation. The name knot came from the ships' log lines that are marked off by knots tied to the rope at intervals of roughly 47 feet apart. The speed of a ship, in nautical miles per hour, was then estimated by counting the number of knots that the ship has passed in 28 seconds after the rope has been tossed overboard.
1 knot= 1 naut. mile/h
 = 1852 m/h
 = 6080 ft/h
Convert     kn, knot  
1 kn, knot =
  Symbol Unit Name
0.514444  Bz  benz 
3086.67  cm/min  centimeter per minute 
51.4444  cm/s  centimeter per second 
6076.12  ft/h, fph  foot per hour 
101.269  ft/min, fpm  foot per minute 
1.68781  ft/s, fps  foot per second 
3093.31  furlong/fortnight  furlong per fortnight 
20.2537  in/s, ips  inch per second 
1.852  km/h  kilometer per hour 
51.4444  cm/s  kyne 
30.8667  m/min  meter per minute 
0.514444  m/s  meter per second 
6.39596×1011  mpy  mil per year 
knot  mile (naut.) per hour (knot, noeud) 
1.15078  mph, mi/h  mile (stat.) per hour 
1.91797×10-2  mi/min  mile (stat.) per minute 
3.08667×104  mm/min  millimeter per minute 
514.444  mm/s  millimeter per second 
1.716×10-9    speed of light