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pound mass per foot second
Symbol:  lbm/ft-s 
Category:  Dynamic viscosity 
SI Equivalent:  1.48816 Pa-s
Dimension ML-1T-1 
System:  UK, US 
Convert     lbm/ft-s  
1 lbm/ft-s =
Dynamic viscosity
  Symbol Unit Name
1488.16  cP, cPo  centipoise 
14.8816  dyn-s/cm2  dyne second per square centimeter 
1.5175×10-2  gf-s/cm2  gram force second per square centimeter 
14.8816  g/cm-s  gram per centimeter per second 
0.15175  kgf-s/m2  kilogram force second per square meter 
1.48816  kg/m-s  kilogram per meter per second 
1.48816  N-s/m2  newton second per square meter 
1.48816  Pa-s  pascal second 
14.8816  P, Po  poise 
1.48816    poiseuille 
3.10809×10-2  lbf-s/ft2  pound force second per square foot 
8.33333×10-2  lbm/in-s  pound mass per inch second 
2.1584×10-4  reyns (reyn)  reynolds (reyns) 
3.10809×10-2  slug/ft-s  slug per foot second 
2.59008×10-3  slug/in-s  slug per inch second