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kilogram force-meter per second
Symbol:  kgf-m/s 
Category:  Power (Heat flow) 
SI Equivalent:  9.80665 W
Dimension ML2T-3 
System:  MKpS 
Convert     kgf-m/s  
1 kgf-m/s =
Power (Heat flow)
  Symbol Unit Name
9.80665×107  aW  abwatt (emu of power) 
33.4617  Btu (IT)/h  British thermal unit (IT) per hour 
0.557695  Btu (IT)/min  British thermal unit (IT) per minute 
9.29491×10-3  Btu (IT)/s  British thermal unit (IT) per second 
33.4841  Btu (therm.)/h  British thermal unit (therm.) per hour 
0.558068  Btu (therm.)/min  British thermal unit (therm.) per minute 
9.30113×10-3  Btu (therm.)/s  British thermal unit (therm.) per second 
8432.32  cal (IT)/h  calorie (IT) per hour 
140.539  cal (IT)/min  calorie (IT) per minute 
2.34231  cal (IT)/s  calorie (IT) per second 
6045.2  cal (therm.)/h  calorie (therm.) per hour 
140.631  cal (therm.)/min  calorie (therm.) per minute 
2.34385  cal (therm.)/s  calorie (therm.) per second 
1.33333×10-2  cv, HP  cheval-vapeur (horsepower) 
9.80665×107  dyn-cm/s  dyne-centimeter per second 
9.80665×107  erg/s  erg per second 
2.60388×104  ft-lbf/h  foot-pound force per hour 
433.981  ft-lbf/min  foot-pound force per minute 
7.23301  ft-lbf/s  foot-pound force per second 
232.715  ft-pdl/s  foot-poundal per second 
1.31509×10-2  HP  horsepower (550 ft-lbf/s) 
9.99709×10-4  HP  horsepower (boiler) 
1.31509×10-2  BHP, hp  horsepower (British) 
1.33333×10-2  cv, HP  horsepower (cheval-vapeur) 
1.33333×10-2  HP  horsepower (metric) 
1.31449×10-2  HP  horsepower (water) 
9.80665×10-3  kW  kilowatt 
0.1    prony 
2.49998×10-3  CTR (UK)  ton (refrigeration, UK) 
2.78852×10-3  CTR (US)  ton (refrigeration, US) 
9.80665  VA  volt-ampere 
9.80665  W  watt 
9.80479  W  watt (int. mean) 
9.80503  W  watt (int. US)