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Symbol:  m 
Category:  Length 
SI Equivalent:  1 m
System:  SI 
The base unit of length in the SI system . Historically, the meter has been defined in numerous ways. It has been defined as 1/10,000,000 of the quadrant of the Earth's circumference stretching from the North Pole through Paris to the equator; It was also once defined as the distance between two marked lines on an international prototype, a bar of platinum-iridium alloy; still, it has been defined as 1,650,763.73 wavelengths of the orange-red line in the spectrum of the krypton-86 atom in the vacuum. The latest definition was decided by the General Conference on Weights and Measures in 1983 as the distance light travels in the vacuum in 1/299,792,458 second [17th CGPM, Resolution 1].
Convert     m  
1 m =
  Symbol Unit Name
1.88973×1010  a.u., a0, b  a.u. of length 
10×109  Å  angstrom 
3437.75  arcmin  arcmin 
6.68459×10-12  AU, UA  astronomical unit 
10×1017  am  attometer 
118.11    barleycorn (UK) 
1.88973×1010  a0, b  bohr (first Bohr radius) 
2.73403×10-2    bolt (US cloth) 
472.441  line (UK)  button (UK) 
1574.8  line (US)  button (US) 
5.39957×10-3    cable length (int.) 
5.39612×10-3    cable length (UK) 
4.55672×10-3    cable length (US) 
3937.01  caliber, cin  caliber (centiinch) 
100  cm  centimeter 
3.28084×10-2  ch  chain (engineer's) 
4.97097×10-2  ch  chain (Gunter's) 
3.28084×10-2  ch  chain (Ramsden's) 
4.97097×10-2  ch  chain (surveyor's) 
2.18723    cubit (UK) 
0.1  dam  decameter 
10  dm  decimeter 
3.54869×1014  re  electron classical radius 
0.874891    ell 
237.107    ems (pica) 
1×10-18  Em  exameter 
0.546807  fath  fathom 
10×1014  fm  femtometer 
10×1014  F, f  fermi 
1.88973×1010  a0, b, a.u.  first Bohr radius 
3.28084  ft  foot 
3000  fr  French 
4.97097×10-3  fur  furlong (UK) 
4.97097×10-3  fur  furlong (US) 
1×10-9  Gm  gigameter 
9.84252  hd  hand (UK) 
1×10-2  hm  hectometer 
1.05702×10-25    hubble 
39.3701  in  inch 
1×10-3  km  kilometer 
3.24078×10-20  kpc  kiloparsec 
2.07168×10-4    league (Canadian) 
1.79986×10-4  leag. (int. naut.)  league (int. naut.) 
2.07124×10-4  leag. (stat.)  league (statute, land) 
1.79871×10-4  leag. (UK, naut.)  league (UK, naut.) 
1.79871×10-4  leag. (US, naut.)  league (US, naut.) 
3.8607×10-14    light-day 
9.26567×10-13    light-hour 
5.5594×10-11    light-minute 
3.33564×10-9    light-second 
1.05702×10-16  ly  light-year 
472.441  line (UK)  line (UK) 
1574.8  line (US)  line (US) 
3.28084    link (engineer's) 
4.97097    link (Gunter's) 
3.28084    link (Ramsden's) 
4.97097    link (surveyor's) 
1×10-6  Mm  megameter 
3.93701×107  µin  microinch 
1×106  µm  micron 
3.93701×104  mil, thou  mil (thou) 
1.34742×10-4  mile (geogr.)  mile (geographical) 
6.2137×10-4  mi (int.)  mile (international) 
5.39957×10-4  mi (naut., int.)  mile (nautical, international) 
5.38991×10-4  mi (naut., teleg.)  mile (nautical, telegraph) 
5.39612×10-4  mi (naut., UK, US)  mile (nautical, UK, US) 
6.21371×10-4  mi (stat.)  mile (statute, land) 
6.2137×10-4  mi (survey, US)  mile (survey, US) 
1000  mm  millimeter 
1×109  mµ, nm  millimicron 
4.37445    nail (UK) 
1×109  nm  nanometer 
5.39957×10-4  mi (int. naut.)  nautical mile (international) 
5.39612×10-4  mi (UK, US, naut.)  nautical mile (UK, US) 
1.31234    pace (UK) 
13.1234    palm (UK) 
3.24078×10-17  pc  parsec 
0.198839  rd  perch (rod, pole) 
1×10-15  Pm  petameter 
237.106    pica 
1×1012  pm  picometer 
2845.28    point (US printer's) 
0.198839  rd  pole (rod, perch) 
1×10-7    quadrant 
0.198839  rd  rod (perch, pole) 
0.164042    rope (UK) 
4.37445    span 
1×10-12  Tm  terameter 
3.93701×104  thou, mil  thou (mil) 
9.99792×1012  UX, X  X-unit 
1.09361  yd  yard 
10×1023  ym  yoctometer 
10×10-25  Ym  yottameter 
1×1021  zm  zeptometer 
10×10-22  Zm  zettameter